Our Club’s By Laws

Revised April 2010, September 2015



The name of the club shall be the Groveland Garden Club.



The purpose of this club shall be to stimulate an interest in gardening, conserve our natural resources, study horticulture, landscape design and floral design. Our purpose also includes encouraging civic beautification with regard to our stated areas of involvement, as well as maintaining/preserving the North School, commonly known as the Little Red Schoolhouse.



Section 1.  Membership of the Groveland Garden Club is open to the public.
Section 2. The membership shall be limited to 49 members which includes Associate Members but not Honorary Members.
Section 3.  There shall be a waiting list of applicants if needed.
Section 4. To qualify for membership, one shall attend a meeting and submit a completed application to the Membership Chairperson. One should have an interest in gardening and be willing to share in club work. The Membership Chairperson will submit the application to the Executive Board for a vote. A vote of the general membership will follow at the next meeting,
Section 5.  To remain in good standing, active individual members shall attend at least five (5) business meetings per year, pay their dues (to be determined by the Executive Board) and participate in club activities either by serving as an officer, chairing a committee or volunteering for a club project.  Extenuating circumstances preventing attendance or participation should be communicated to the Membership Chairperson and will be forwarded to the Executive Board for a decision. The Executive Board may ask for the resignation of a non-active member.
Section 6. A member who wishes to resign from the club should send a Notice of Resignation to the Membership Chairperson who will report this to the Executive Board for action.
Section 7. Members who have resigned and wish to rejoin club must notify the Membership Chairperson in writing. Upon receipt of the letter, their name will be added to the top of the waiting list.
Section 8. A new applicant shall be given a copy of the By-Laws with the application form.
Section 9. Associate Membership
A.  A member in good standing, as defined, may have the privilege of becoming an Associate member after ten (10) consecutive years of active membership.
B.  A request for associate membership must be submitted in writing to the membership chairperson, who in turn will submit the name to the executive board for a vote.
C.  The number of associate members may not exceed one sixth (1/6) of the total active membership.
D.  An Associate member must attend one meeting a year and pay annual Associate dues (to be determined by the Executive Board).
E.  An Associate member may vote but may not hold an office or be a committee chairperson. They may be on a committee, host/hostess and work on civic projects, but are not required to do so.
Section 10. Honorary Membership
Honorary member status is available to members in good standing who have been in the club for at least 20 consecutive years, recommended by the Executive Board and are voted on by the club at large. Honorary members pay no dues, but will receive the yearbook and the newsletter.


Officers and Their Duties

Section 1. The officers shall include: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. Officers will be elected at the annual meeting and will serve a two (2) year consecutive term.  They are expected to attend all club meetings and Executive Board meetings during the year.
Section 2. Officers accepting a position mid-term shall be eligible to be elected to serve another two-year term.
Section 3. The President shall:

A.  Preside at all meetings, (guided by Robert’s Rules of Order), appoint standing committees, and prepare the annual budget with help of the Treasurer and Executive Board.
B.  May sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.
C.  Shall be a member of all committees (except that of the Nominating Committee).

Section 4. The Vice President shall:

A. Assist the President.
B. In the absence of the President, perform all presidential duties.
C. Chair the programming committee.
D. Prepare an annual report for the annual meeting.

Section 5. The Recording Secretary shall:

A. Keep the minutes of all of the meetings of the club.

Section 6.  The Corresponding Secretary shall:

A. Be responsible for all of the correspondence of the club.
B. Send all notices for special meetings and events.
C. Be responsible for collecting and editing articles from officers, committees chairpersons and members to be included in a monthly newsletter to be distributed to members.
D. Be informed of any special occasions that members should be remembered.

Section 7.  The Treasurer shall:

A.  Collect, receive, and hold all monies of the club and deposit them in the bank as determined by the Executive Board. All monies belong to the club.
B.  Pay all bills upon approval of the President to the member incurring the bill within one month of receipt.
C. Keep a record of the reimbursement forms submitted to the club.
D.  Submit monthly reports to the club.
E.  Maintain an active member roster.
F.  Prepare an annual financial report for the annual meeting.


Executive Board

Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected club officers and the past president and will meet once a month the Wednesday before the general meeting as needed.
Section 2. The Executive Board shall transact business of the club and consider questions of policy and present recommendations to the club for action. Executive Board members are expected to attend all club and Executive Board meetings during the year.
Section 3. Two-thirds of the Executive Board will constitute a quorum.
Section 4. The Executive Board shall nominate a By-Laws Committee (for a 1 year term), of an Executive Board member and members at large, chosen by the club members at the March meeting. The By-Laws Committee is to examine the existing By-Laws and make recommendations for desirable amendments, if any.
Section 5. The Executive Board shall nominate a Nominating Committee during an election year. The committee shall be made up of an Executive Board member and two members at large, chosen by the club members at the March meeting. The Nominating Committee is to present nominations for the coming year at the May meeting.
Section 6. The Executive Board can spend up to $150 for the club per request without having to put the expenditure to a vote at a club meeting. The Executive Board will report expenditures to the club at the next meeting.


Standing Committees: Chairpersons

Section 1. New committees may be formed or existing committees dissolved as deemed necessary by the Executive Board and voted on by the club.
Section 2.  The chairperson for each committee shall be determined by each committee and shall hold the position for two years and keep a record of the committee’s work. A monthly report for the Newsletter and Website shall be provided as well as a brief annual report to be due by the annual meeting.
Section 3.  Arbor Day/Conservation Chairperson shall coordinate the planting of a tree or trees for an annual Arbor Day Recognition as well as inform the club of conservation issues.
Section 4. Awards Chairperson shall find out about National, State and Regional awards, obtain and submit applications appropriately. He/she shall encourage the club to plan programs and apply for awards.
Section 5. Book Cataloguing / Lending Library Chairperson shall organize and monitor the library at the Little Red Schoolhouse.
Section 6. Community Preservation Act/Schoolhouse Restoration Chairperson shall seek grants for the restoration of the Little Red Schoolhouse as necessary.
Section 7. Civic Development/Traffic Island Chairperson shall coordinate the plantings of the traffic islands and any other project, of this sort, that the club undertakes.
Section 8.  Garden Therapy Chairperson shall plan and coordinate garden related programs for local senior citizens.
Section 9. Greens Sale Chairperson shall plan and coordinate the Annual Greens Sale with the entire club.
Section 10. Groveland Days Chairperson shall organize and set up a Garden Club booth and display for Groveland Days.
Section 11. Horticulture Chairperson shall present pertinent horticultural information to the club.
Section 12. Junior Gardeners Chairperson shall plan and coordinate gardening related topics and programs for the youth of the community.
Section 13. Membership Chairperson shall take and keep monthly attendance records at all club meetings. He/she shall process new member applications and renewals, maintain the waiting list with the date of application, as well as any requests for a change in membership status.
Section 14. Nominating Committee Chairperson shall present nominations for the coming year at the May meeting during an election year.
Section 15. Plant Sale Chairperson shall plan and coordinate the Annual Plant Sale with the entire club.
Section 16. Program Chairperson shall select and arrange for the program for each meeting. He/she shall contact speakers, send contracts and inform the Executive Board of the planned programs.
Section 17. Publicity Chairperson shall contact newspapers, social media, etc. for public notification of the clubs meetings. He/she will also be responsible for any publicity the club needs.
Section 18. Schoolhouse Chairperson shall coordinate the upkeep of the grounds in the Fall and the Spring as well as the interior of the schoolhouse as necessary.
Section 19. Scholarship Chairperson shall provide Scholarship information to the local schools in order to find the appropriate graduating senior(s) from the following towns: Groveland, West Newbury and Merrimac. The Scholarship is offered to the following high schools: Pentucket High School, Whittier Technical High School and Essex Technical High School. The committee will review the submitted applications and bring recommended applicant(s) to the Executive Board. The Chairperson then shall notify the club membership of the selection for their approval and award the scholarship to the approved applicant.
Section 20. Veasey Gardens Chairperson shall coordinate the care and maintenance of the native plant garden at Veasey Memorial Park.
Section 21. Year Book Chairperson shall compile, print and distribute an annual Year Book according to the Federation Guidelines.
Section 22. Website Chairperson shall maintain the Groveland Garden Club website on a regular basis.



Section 1. General meetings shall be held at 7 pm on the second Wednesday of each month, except the months of January, July and August.  The meetings may be changed as to date, time and place by vote of the Executive Board.
Section 2. The Annual Meeting will be held in June at which time officers and standing committees will make their annual reports.
Section 3. Every two (2) years a new slate of officers will be elected at the annual meeting.



Section 1. Dues: The annual dues for active members (to be determined by the Executive Board) include a subscription to the “Mayflower” (the Garden Club Federation’s newsletter).
Section 2. Dues must be paid no later than June 30th for the upcoming year.
Section 3. A delinquency of one year will be considered an automatic resignation



In an election year, Officer nominations must be submitted by the nominating committee at the May meeting and voted on by the club at the June annual meeting.


Dissolution Clause

In the event of dissolution, all the remaining assets and property of the organization shall, after payment of necessary expenses, be distributed to such organization as shall qualify under 501C(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or corresponding provisions of any subsequent federal tax laws or to the Federal government of public purpose, subject to the approval of a court of competent jurisdiction with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Nondiscrimination Clause

The Groveland Garden Club shall not permit in their conduct of club affairs, any restriction or limitations whatsoever based upon race, creed, gender, and national origin or employment status.



These By-Laws may be amended at any general meeting by a vote of a majority of all of the members at the meeting. Notice of the proposed amendment(s) shall be given at least two weeks before the meeting at which the vote will be taken.

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