Get it While it’s Fresh!

Summer may be winding down, but it’s still the season for Farmer’s Markets, Farm Stands, U-Picks, etc! If you want the best fresh produce but don’t have the resources (space, skill or want) to grow your own, you’re in luck. Here in New England, farms are abundant and summer is the time to take advantage of what local farms and farmer’s markets have to offer. You’ll get the freshest fruits and vegetables, and in most cases organically grown, by a local farming family. Which, in-turn, means your produce will last longer and taste better, all while you’re strengthening your community.

Finding a source for local produce is as easy as searching the internet at sites like You could also take the old school approach and ask friends and neighbors, or just take a car ride on the back roads. Towns all around from Amesbury to Topsfield have farmer’s markets on Saturdays all the way into October.

Whichever way you get to it, now is the time to enjoy the best this season has to offer and get it while it’s fresh!