Earth Day Tip: Natural, Non-Toxic Pest Control

AlliumJust a quick note: It’s Spring! Time to get those garden beds ready.

When starting a new growing season it’s a good time to consider what works in a garden and what doesn’t and perhaps move or remove some things. Pause before you start tossing out things (or donating them) that didn’t live up to your expectations. Ask the question: “Is it a sun, soil, or pest issue?”

If its sun, move the plant to a better location.

If it’s soil, test and amend the soil for the plants needs. However, be aware of the other plants near it that are doing well. You may decide to move it with plants that have similar needs.

This note is geared more for those who find it’s a pest issue. Some of us will banish plants from our garden because it is more work than we are willing to do. In some cases, this is necessary. Other times, we will spend lots of money and time using chemicals marketed to solve our problem. In our quest to protect our lovely gardens from being eaten (by rabbits, beetles, deer) or our selves (in the case of mosquitos, flies or fleas) we accidentally poison our environment. Natural pest control should always be the first option. I’m talking about using plants to repel pests . So even if you didn’t start your garden with companion planting in mind, it’s not to late to add that companion.  Here is a link to the Wiki page for the List of Pest Repellant Plants:

And if lists aren’t your thing, here’s an article from Mother Nature Network, on the subject as well:

And Remember: Every day should be considered Earth Day!

Happy Gardening!