About Us

autnmflrlThe Groveland Garden Club
26 Broad Street
Groveland, MA 01834
(978) 352-0395

Membership  Count:

  • 34 Members
  • 6 Associate Members
  • 1 Honorary Member

We were Organized in 1967 and Federated in 1968. 

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Our  Mission:

The purpose of this Club shall be to stimulate an interest in gardening, the conservation of our natural resources, the studies of horticulture, landscape design and floral design. Our purpose also includes encouraging civic beautification of our stated areas of involvement, as well as maintaining and preserving the North School (26 Broad Street, Groveland, MA 01834), commonly known as the Little Red Schoolhouse.

Our Conservation Pledge:

I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully defend from waste, the natural resources of my country – It’s air, soil and minerals, it’s forests, water and wildlife.

The History of The Groveland Garden Club:

Our garden club was formally organized in 1967 by Mrs. Doris M. Bilodeau (1911 – 2003), who would meet regularly with other members of the community that shared a love for gardening.  Doris was instrumental in saving Groveland’s one-room schoolhouse that was built in 1865, known then as the North School.  The Town bought the building so it could be used in a local firefighting training exercise.  The Garden Club stepped in, making arrangements to restore and maintain the building.  Now lovingly called “The Little Red Schoolhouse,” it is not only the meeting place for most of the Garden Club and Jr. Gardener’s events, it’s also used by schools for field trips to link today’s children with our town’s history.

Groveland Garden Club Officers and Committee Chairs